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Weirdo Night special is now for rent!

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Weirdo Night special is now for rent!  If you missed the much discussed world online premiere of Weirdo Night on 8/30, dry your tears and…

Click here to rent it now!

$20 for a 48 hour rental.  Watch it over labor day weekend 48 times! 

Thank you for continuing to support these wonderful artists and helping Zebulon stay afloat! 

Performances + Video work by

Blasia Discoteca, Patti Harrison with Salami + Vagabon, Hedia Maron, Morgan Bassichis, Sarah Squirm, Smiling Beth, Dynasty Handbag

Directed by Mariah Garnett

Shot on location at Zebulon, August 2020

About Weirdo Night

Weirdo Night is a monthly performance and comedy event at Zebulon in Los Angeles, hosted by Dynasty Handbag. 

“LA’s queen of weird.” – Atlas Obscura

“The beloved Weirdo Night with Dynasty Handbag at Zebulon is doing a virtual edition of their monthly gathering of all sorts of weirdo performers from all sorts of wondrous corners of performance (though it’s mostly in and around comedy). The live-stream will be in support of the performers on the show as well as Zebulon, which is probably still one of LA’s hippest venues after all these months in lockdown.” – The Comedy Bureau

Watch this 6 minute mini doc about Dynasty Handbag and Weirdo Night from Atlas Obscura